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    40-minute, same-day sessions available from just £19!

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    Depression, anxiety, stress, panic attacks, grief… Whatever the issue, we’re here to help!

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Fast, Affordable Counselling

From just £19 per session!


The Express Line is a Tuke Foundation project which aims to make talk therapy available to people who otherwise couldn’t afford it, including students, pensioners, low-income workers, and people who are unemployed or unable to work.

Our ultimate goal with the Express Line is to create the UK’s most efficient and affordable video counselling service with a maximum wait time of 7-days and a price point around 50% cheaper than in-person talk therapy.

This service is made possible thanks to the generosity of counsellors and therapists who offer their time and knowledge free of charge or at heavily discounted rates, and all of whom share our desire to provide an affordable talk therapy service to those people often neglected or left behind by public and private services alike.

The Express Line was launched in October 2020 with funding from the National Lottery Community Fund.

Easy Booking System

No lengthy consultation process. Simply choose a therapist and a day/time that suits you. That’s it!

No More Waiting

More more waiting 6-18 weeks to see a therapist. We aim to see all our clients within 7-days, with same-day appointments often available.

Simple to Use

No software or apps to install. No sign-in required. Works on multiple devices. All you need is a Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge browser.

Save Time, Save Money

Avoid the extra costs incurred and time wasted travelling for in-person therapy by connecting with our counsellors at your convenience, wherever you are.

Innovative Approach

We use a revolutionary form of therapy called the “Method of Levels”, a transdiagnostic cognitive therapy uniquely suited to telecounselling.


Professionally Monitored

Our counsellors are supervised by a team of researchers from the William Tuke Research Foundation and the University of Manchester.

Fair pricing. No subscription. No hidden costs.

  • Concession Pricing
  • £1940 mins
  • For students, unemployed, and OAPs
  • Around £21 cheaper than regular therapy!
  • Around £16 cheaper than regular therapy!
  • Still around £11 cheaper than regular therapy!
  • Standard Pricing
  • £2440 mins
  • For people in full or part-time employment
  • Helps to supplement concession pricing
  • Around £16 cheaper than regular therapy!
  • Still around £11 cheaper than regular therapy!
  • Donor Pricing
  • £2940 mins
  • For people who can afford to pay a little extra
  • Adds a £5 voluntary donation
  • Helps to supplement concession pricing
  • Still around £11 cheaper than regular therapy!

Meet Our Therapists

Dr. Ana Churchman has a PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Manchester and has a passion for working with young people and families. She has vast experience in delivering support to both young people and adults.

I’m a psychology graduate and Method of Levels (MOL) therapist, experienced in supporting young people and adults with various mental health difficulties. With my friendly and non-judgemental nature, I aim to encourage clients to openly explore their problems and worries.

Our Unique Approach

Dr Warren Mansell from the University of Manchester explains our unique “Method of Levels” approach to therapy and why it is especially suited to the kind of video counselling offered by the Express Line.

What the experts say

“Express Line counsellors use a form of talk therapy called the “Method of Levels”. MOL is based on a robust scientific theory and supported by a range of research studies that have been published widely in academic journals. Because you are in charge with MOL, you don’t need to book a series of sessions or have the same person to talk to each time, plus there are no techniques to learn or homework to do, making it ideal for on-demand, remote counselling when you are ready to talk.”

“The Method of Levels approach to psychological therapy, used by Express Line, maximises client control over the process of therapy. MOL encourages clients to talk freely about whatever problems they choose and allows them to develop new and less distressing perspectives on their difficulties. The client-led approach to appointment scheduling gives people control over the frequency and duration of therapy sessions. The whole MOL approach to therapy prioritises the client’s first-person perspective and enables people to create the right conditions for them to resolve their own difficulties.”